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Mountain Ridge

Our Journey....


We started from an ambition to be among the service provider in oil and gas industry in June 2017, the period of time where oil and gas market was very fragile and oil price was most volatile. It can be at USD 70-ish per barrel to USD 40-ish per barrel in less than six months. We believe in the principle of “be brave when others are scared” hence we took over an existing company and started to leave footprints in this challenging market three years back. We target to offer onshore survey and positioning as the company core business and plan to embark in offshore, slowly but surely. Apart from that, we start to invest in data management services as our secondary line of business. 

In the first six months, we managed to deliver our first project for Empangan Jus under Badan Kawal Selia Air (BKSA), Melaka successfully and we were awarded another two projects under BKSA, Empangan Durian Tunggal-Bundle I and II not long after the first project hand-over.


In June 2018, we successfully won three years contract bidding for data management under PETRONAS Carigali. This has changed our business landscape ever since. We started to position our business to align with the current demand in digitalization. In April 2019, we form a collaboration with University of Malaya (UM) Click Here. We have a Research and Development (R&D) Team leads by three doctors who are senior lecturers from Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology along with UM top students.


The determination to proof that our local talent inventions are at par with other well-known international products has now proven by the inventions of three systems we called PRIDE - our AI powered data extraction system, KRISPI - our AI powered chatbot and AIDA – our complete data science solutions. These systems have been used by government as well as non-government sectors.


Our aim is to make our nation proud by offering competitive local made hi-tech invention and to assist business owner in dealing with limitation of time and cost – the valuable resources many believes to be beyond one control. We are confident to claim we offer cost saving to our clients because we DON’T sell products, we OFFER solutions. Our solutions are so flexible to cater the business needs.


As you are reading this, back in the office, we are busy improvising our systems and occupied with more research in order to offer a lot more. Sky is not the limit when there are footprints on Mars.

Azean Shafinaz Dahlal
Founder of Discovery Geosolutions Sdn Bhd

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