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Success Project Delivered By PRIDE for Oil & Gas Sector

Geodrill Data Wrangling Services, Provision of Data Store Operational Services, PETRONAS

  • Perform a data mining, gathering and consolidation with regards to geodrill information and data in all oil and gas fields for PETRONAS assets.

  • Developed a holistic geodrill database for assessment / analysis for future operation and improvement of geodrill practices and technologies as well as reference for any related projects.


Digital Core Data Wrangling Services, Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM), PETRONAS

  • Determine geological core data group, category, data type ie. Core Petrography, X Ray Diffraction (XRD), Routine Core Analysis (RCA) and Special Core Analysis (SCAL) and attribute from each core report to perform data extraction to be tabled in an excel structure template.

  • Provide an overall geological digital core data preparation and management services for UD database requirements leveraging on established workflow process for end-to-end data management services of collection, extraction validation / verification, transformation, quality assurance processes and loading into database.


Knowledge Management (KM) Department, Group Technical Data (GTD), PETRONAS

  • Information extraction and categorization factual information from Project Risk Analysis (PRA) report in PDF to a structural template.

  • Key information on lesson learned from projects previously handled from multiple channels of data storage being transformed into single template for total visibility, accessibility  and easy reference for decision making.


Cost Engineering, PETRONAS

  • Developed an effective workflow to shorten time taken by valuable human resources ie. engineers to perform analysis bulk data in a hardcopy report that comes in various format ie. table, free text and graphic.

  • Enable predictive analysis for future spending, either short- term or long-term prediction for PETRONAS Management.

Predictive Maintenance Analytics, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad

  • Developed an analytical predictive maintenance system to avoid lost in revenue by quick action taken to mitigate pump downtime at petrol station.

  • Enable management to perform schedule maintenance for specific equipment at the right time from data obtained via the analytical system thru “Mean Time Before Failure” (MTBF).


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