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Our expertise is on big data management that helps business entity to achieve their analytical objective via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

DGSB offers a wide range of IT related services, from supplies to software development, data management and consultation services.

We DONT Sell Products

We OFFER Solutions

Your Solution is Our

An AI based data extraction engine that powers AIDA with its main uniqueness,

includes the ability of extracting targeted data (as well as information) from various sources. 

Automatically searches through the uploaded documents and identify for necessary information required by users.

Automatically matches the identified information to a predefined templates from users.

Joins extracted tables to form a larger and completed table based on users' configuration.

Build in anomaly detector to check for abnormal or invalid values from the extracted tables.

Fill up or suggest missing information in the extracted information using dictionaries or knowledge base defined by users.

An AI based Chatbot engine that is capable of understanding Malay, English and Manglish (a hybrid of Malay and English spoken by Malaysians).


KRISPI Capabilities 

Accessible anytime (24/7).


Automated responses​.

Training and reset Knowledge Base easily.

Able to extract the log output in form of CSV format.

Graphical view of data.

Primary idea for AIDA to have a complete data science workflow that

combines two main offering which are PRIDE and KRISPI.

Improve Security​.

Data Consolidation & Standardization. 

Robotic Process Automation.



Our company are capable in providing ICT requirement i.e. hardware and software accordingly to client request. We are here to help fulfilling your need in ICT requirement or any IT issues you may be facing.

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Web Consultation

Consultation Services 

Consultation services focus on clients' most critical issues and opportunities i.e. strategy, operations, technology, transformation, digital and advanced analytics across all industries.


DGSB service deliverables in consultation to our clients:

Provide a comprehensive structure & operational knowledge. DGSB will study on business requirement gathering, understanding organizational structure and needs.

Mapping of readiness towards the implementation.

List of recommendation and guidance for any gaps seen.

Potential cost saving throughout the project implementation. 

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